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'Philbert' nuts were mentioned by Shakespeare in 'The Tempest':

"I'le bring thee To cluftring Philberts Wilt thou goe with me?"

SHAKESPEARE: 'The Tempest' - Act II    Scene 2
"The Nut, the Filbert, and the Cobnut, are all botanically the same, and the two last were cultivated in England long before Shakespeare's time, not only for the fruit, but also, and more especially, for the oil."

By Horace Howard Furness 'A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare: The Tempest' (1892)
Kentish Cobnut oil is an intensely nutty virgin cold-pressed oil. The nuts are grown, pressed and bottled in the UK. This is a delicious new oil which can be used in the same way as a premium olive oil - in salad dressings, for drizzling on vegetables and for grilling (especially chicken and fish). It is also useful in baking and is wonderful for roasting vegetables. With autumn approaching, pumpkin roasted in Cobnut Oil and made into soup, is a delightful seasonal dish. See our 'Autumn recipes' website for the full recipe.

Kentish Cobnut Oil contains NO cholesterol. It will instill extra flavour into a meal, allowing you to enjoy a taste of indulgence and luxury without feeling guilty!

The oil contains Vitamin E, essential for good health. It also contains linoleic acid, vital for healthy growth and development, along with Vitamins B1, B2 and B6. Kings College Hospital are experimenting with nut oils as they are believed to be excellent for the skin, and in treating skin conditions (eg psoriasis).
Over a kilo of picked nuts go into each bottle. They are then dried, and cracked (shelled) before the kernels are pressed for oil. The oil contains 100% cobnut kernels with nothing added or taken away. It is a virgin, cold-pressed oil of the highest quality available. We invite people to taste the oil, and to give us their opinion. We love to see the response received when the oil is first tasted the surprisingly intensely nutty flavour almost always receives a positive comment from those who taste it.